Exploring Types of Non-Profit Organizations

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Discover the five main types of non-profit organizations, including charities, social action groups, and more. Understand their roles and how they impact society.

Summarized Bullet Points:
๐ŸฅCharities: Aim to improve human conditions; typically assist the homeless, poor, handicapped, or drug-dependent, but exclude animal-focused groups like the Humane Society.
๐ŸŒSocial Action Organizations: Focus on environmental, animal rights, and political issues; commonly start with grassroots support and include groups like the Humane Society.
๐Ÿ›Government Bodies: Specialized non-profits are subject to unique rules; they often lobby for favorable legislation but are not focused on individual aid.
๐Ÿค Trade Associations: Organize under state laws to influence legislation, exemplified by campaigns like "Got Milk?".
๐Ÿ˜Community Development Corporations (CDCs): 501c3 non-profits aimed at revitalizing communities; they deal with housing, education, and other local services but are not government entities.
๐Ÿš€ Starting a Non-Profit: If motivated by a specific cause, starting a non-profit can be rewarding despite requiring time and effort.

One-Liner Summary:
Explore the diverse types of non-profits, from charities to community developers, and the impact of starting one.
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